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We're Moving to Apex, Ya'll!

Just in case you missed our huge out-of-the-blue announcement last week, Amazing Grazing has secured a storefront in Apex, NC! We are still pinching ourselves and not quite sure we're not dreaming!

After putting plans on hold for a storefront location in Fuquay last summer, Greg and I were at peace and knew that the perfect place would come along. As our business model pivoted a little bit, so did our concept of a storefront/catering kitchen. As we grew, I knew I needed to find a kitchen that was ours to use 24/7. Ya'll, we have big plans (Lord willing) for 2023!

After planting a few seeds with my firstborn, Logan, about coming to work with me, he finally said yes! That was the second piece of the puzzle that we needed! Logan has an extensive culinary background and restaurant management experience. His ability to remain calm (which came in handy working 911 for a local sheriff's office for 5 years and will definitely come in handy working with mama) made him the perfect partner for Amazing Grazing! We are so excited to have join us March 1!!

Did I mention we've been taking care of my three-year-old grandson since mid-December? His mommy is serving in the US Navy and has had underways and trainings so we've been keeping this precious, strong-willed (wonder where he got that from?), very energetic sweetie pie. We're exhausted, EXHAUSTED. E.X.H.A.U.S.T.E.D.

And then the perfect sweetest little shop landed in our lap. Literally. With a fully equipped commercial kitchen. I reached out to a local charcuterie bossbabe about using/renting her kitchen on her off days. Three questions in she asked if I was interested in her storefront! I was like "Whaaaat??? Ummmmm....Yes!!!" That is literally how long I thought about it. I knew it was perfectly exactly what we needed, the location is primetime and with the plans for 2023, it gave us the presence we needed to say "Look out 2023. HERE WE COME!!!"

We are very thankful for this opportunity! We appreciate each and every one of you who have liked our page, our posts, for every share and recommendation! We've come this far WITH you and we can't thank you enough!! We are looking forward to celebrating our supporters at our grand opening events (stay tuned!!)!!

As you may be aware, we are able to purchase the kitchen equipment from the current business owner. We would like to stay in the black financially and are humbly asking you to help our "GoFundMe" to raise money to buy the kitchen equipment outright. If you would like and share the link, you never know who will see it that might bless us. If you can contribute any amount, we would be always grateful. Our "Founding Members" will be recognized on a plaque in our shop and receive a special gift as well! We thank you deeply for anything you are able to give!

We will have special "THANK YOU" gifts for all our supporters!!

Gifts Up to $50-Amazing Grazing Logo Item $75 Gift - Amazing Grazing Wooden Charcuterie Board with Logo $100 Gift - Bottle of One Hope Wine ($25 value) $250 Gift - Date Night Board (serves 2-3) and Bottle of One Hope Wine ($70 value) $500 Gift - Simply Delicious (Small) Charcuterie Board (serves 4-6) and 1 bottle of One Hope Wine ($115 value). $750 Gift - Southern Charm (Medium) Board (serves 8-10) and 1 bottle of One Hope Wine. ($175 value). $1000+ - Reserve our shop for a 2-hour private event for up to 12 people! Will include the "Sunday Dinner" (Large) Charcuterie Board and 2 glasses of One Hope Wine per person. ($490 value).

We cannot say "THANK YOU!" enough for your continued support!! We will be forever humbled and grateful for your support in any manner! We look forward to your visit at 1460 Chapel Ridge Road, Suite, 170, Apex, NC!!

Sincerely, Glynis and Greg Teator

Logan Young

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