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Food = Community

Nothing brings people together more than food. Whether it's opening your home to family and friends for a home-cooked meal or pizza delivery, a church potluck dinner, a party, Sunday dinner at your grandmother's or meeting friends out a restaurant, food brings us together. We get to know each other, we laugh, we cry, we learn, we debate, we bond--all with food. Food is always the main attraction! Can we even manage to get together without food being involved? Not in the South, at least! LOL!

We hear the phrase "create a sense of community" and nothing is needed more after the past two years of craziness, shutdowns, and isolation than to get back out and live, thrive and be with people that are good for our souls! Food, laughter, and bonding will bring our neighborhoods, our families, our communities back together.

Our locally owned small businesses need our support now more than ever as they struggle to stay open amid the restrictions, mandates, lack of workers and supply demands. They have poured their blood, sweat, savings, time, and tears into their "babies". Choose one to support this week--go dine with them, order takeout, buy gift cards, like and share their pages and posts. Encourage them and let them know we're cheering for them to make it! The backbone of our country is small businesses and we should support them every chance we get!

Call a friend and invite them out or over for lunch or coffee! Weather permitting, get the neighborhood cookouts and block parties going again! Don't be afraid to live! Our communities are counting on us!!


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